Queen High by Cela Winter (Contest) ?>

Queen High by Cela Winter (Contest)

Post from Cela Winter… “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” That’s one of my all-time favorite quotes—from the great actor Katherine Hepburn, who lived a robust and passionate life, all on her own terms. It’s the philosophy that informed my heroine, Gemma Delaney, in Queen High. Broken rules, a little scheming, a little misdirection, a few preconceptions dashed—it all makes the payoff that much sweeter. Because after all, why should men have all the fun?…

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Roguishly Handsome, and Other Superhero Problems by Tray Ellis ?>

Roguishly Handsome, and Other Superhero Problems by Tray Ellis

From Delilah: I’m a nerd, through and through. I love comic books and action hero figures. Among the “treasures” on my bookshelf are Thor and Iron Man Pez dispensers, a Batman Pop figurine, a Star Wars Stormtrooper Bobble Head…I could go on! The kids come to my office to admire my things. They contribute to it when McDonald’s Happy Meals feature some special, nerdy prize. So when Tray’s story crossed my desk, you know I had to have it. And I know…

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Rogue Hearts by Delilah Devlin! Contest! ?>

Rogue Hearts by Delilah Devlin! Contest!

My turn to share a sexy snippet from my story in Rogues! On the surface, you have to wonder what makes the hero a rogue, but you’ll have to read the rest of the story to find out! 😉 And because I have another  brand new release, Planet Desire, that I’d like you to know about, I’ll give a copy of the reader’s choice of one of the prequel books (Desire’s Prisoner or Desire’s Slave) to one lucky winner! When…

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An Eye for Love by Cynthia Young ?>

An Eye for Love by Cynthia Young

When I read Cynthia Young’s story, “An Eye for Love”, I knew it had to be part of the collection. It’s sexy, fun and full of twists. Very clever, actually, especially since she accomplished so much in so few words! Enjoy the excerpt! And if you’d like to discover exactly what an “eye miniature” is, check out Cynthia’s blog here: Eye Miniatures — An Anonymous Token of Love A lady’s desires reawaken when she hires a private investigator to recover a treasured…

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Opals by Axa Lee ?>

Opals by Axa Lee

I knew before I opened the file that arrived from Axa Lee that I would love whatever she’d written. She’s written stories for two of my previous collections:  Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors and Conquests. Enjoy this snippet from her story in Rogues, “Opals”. ~ DD The queen of whores dares the king of thieves to make an impossible climb to win a treasure of opals… The palace guards slumped at their posts, asleep to a man in the darkness….

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The Heat by Mia Hopkins (Contest) ?>

The Heat by Mia Hopkins (Contest)

Rumrunners and Suffragettes Hello! Mia Hopkins here. I’m so proud to be a part of the Rogues anthology. My contribution, “The Heat,” is a Prohibition-era story about an Irish-American bootlegger named Jim who becomes stranded during a winter storm. Because cops are on the lookout for rumrunners, Jim seeks shelter in the house of Helen Baker, a widowed suffragette who’s both fascinated by and attracted to the mysterious stranger. Soon Jim and Helen find their way upstairs, where they find…

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Her Heart’s Tomb by Jennifer Kacey ?>

Her Heart’s Tomb by Jennifer Kacey

I was lucky enough to have Her Heart’s Tomb selected by Delilah Devlin to be included in the Rogues Collection!!! My story is about a kick ass Tomb Raider named Sonya who has lost the only thing she ever thought worth protecting. Her heart. But the man she fell for turned his back on her when she needed him most. With one more raid to go on she steels herself to get the job down and then disappear forever. But…

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Plunder by Delilah Night (Contest) ?>

Plunder by Delilah Night (Contest)

Sparks fly when the Caribbean’s most fearsome pirate falls under the spell of a sexy spitfire who’d rather send him to Davy Jones’s locker… Only you know that’s not where the story goes. LOL Rogues had to have a pirate story. A taste of Jack Sparrow somewhere amidst all those pages. Luckily, Delilah Night gave me this story. Enjoy the excerpt! And in celebration of pirates, I’ll give away a copy of my space pirate story, Desire’s Prisoner, to one lucky…

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Billionaire and the Jewel Thief by Elle James ?>

Billionaire and the Jewel Thief by Elle James

Did you know that Elle James and I are sisters? Yup. But that’s not why she’s in this collection. Ask her. I’ve passed on a story of hers before. Not that it wasn’t great, but it didn’t quite fit the collection I was working on at the time. So, family doesn’t get special treatment. (Our mom was a bit miffed, though.) She’s in Italy at the moment, so I get to talk trash about her. I’m not the least bit…

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